eSommelier UPGRADE TRADE-IN PACKAGE $3,495 after return (for systems out-of-warranty)


$ 3,495.00

The actual cost for your UPGRADE TRADE-IN is only $3,495. Please purchase this item for $3,995 and return ship to us to receive your credit for $500 for your trade-in when it's received.

This upgrade package is for existing eSommelier customers who's system is out of warranty. If you don't know if your Annual Support Subscription has expired, please inquire on our support page.


Terms & Conditions

  1. The check-out price for this package is $3,995 plus shipping. After you receive the new system and your wine data has been transferred, package up your previous system and ship it back to eSommelier. If your previous system (Touchscreen, barcode scanner, barcode printer) is returned in good working order, you will receive a $500 credit returned to the card you used for purchase.
  2. This upgrade replaces your current system entirely with the newest eSommelier hardware and software, including the handcrafted oak crate.
  3. Includes eSommelier support transferring your wine data from your current system to the new system.
  4. Your current system Serial Number is required in the check-out form in order to process.
  5. Return Shipping: Please carefully package up your entire system and return to: eSommelier, 525 Oritan Avenue, Ridgeield, NJ 07657.
  6. Questions? Contact