UPGRADE TRADE-IN PACKAGE $2,995 for systems that have been returned – eSommelier

UPGRADE TRADE-IN PACKAGE $2,995 for systems that have been returned


$ 2,995.00

The actual cost for your UPGRADE TRADE-IN is only $2,995.

This upgrade package is for existing eSommelier customers who's system is currently covered under Annual Support Warranty. If you don't know if your Annual Support Subscription has expired, please inquire on our support page.


1. This upgrade replaces your current system entirely (touch screen computer, barcode scanner, barcode printer) with the newest eSommelier hardware and software, including the handcrafted oak crate.

2. This offer includes eSommelier support transferring your wine data from your current system to the new system. We do this by taking a data snapshot of your wine inventory on the day of the upgrade purchase and pre-uploading that wine data onto your new system. As such, please do not add or delete any wine from your current system during order processing and shipping as the new system will not have those changes since it will be in transit.

3. Your current system Serial Number is required in the check-out form in order to process.

4. Your Annual Support Subscription resets to 12 months going forward from the date of purchase of the upgraded system. So for example, if you had only 3 months left of support on your current system, if you were to buy the upgraded system today, you will now have 12 months of support on the new system from today's purchase date.

Questions? Contact support@esommelier.com


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